While ASHI only became a charity in 2010, our roots go further back.

David Olwa came to Scotland and settled in Linlithgow in the 1970s. Meanwhile, in Uganda there was a military coup in 1971, which lead to corruption and a major disruption of infrastructure in the country. When visiting Lira in Northern Uganda, David observed the lack of resources available at Lira hospital. Even after the war was over, people were still suffering. On his return to Scotland, David wrote to various hospitals, asking for surplus equipment to be donated to Lira Hospital. As well as this, by holding fundraising events, the costs of transportation were raised and much needed supplies were sent to Lira. Due to the improvement of treatment available, the Ugandan Ministry of Health upgraded Lira Hospital to  the status of a “Regional Referral Hospital”.

On a later visit, David found that many patients needed spectacles but could not afford them. This lead him to raise an appeal for unwanted spectacles on his return to Scotland. 5000 spectacles were donated and delivered to Lira Hospital via a representative from World Vision. Further fundraising efforts also lead to the building of St Luke’s Church at Lira Hospital.

Motivated by the success of these projects, ASHI, the Association of Serving Humanity International was born.