Our current project is the Bala water project, where we intend to build 5 wells, to supply clean water in Northern Uganda.

Many people in the Bala sub-county in Kole, Northern Uganda do not have access to clean drinking water. Because of this children, women and the elderly have to travel long distances to collect dirty water, which is frequently contaminated with fatal diseases.

Clean water is still a big problem in our community and over 60% of our population still drink water from an unsafe source and that is why we have so many people suffering from diseases caused by drinking and using water from contaminated sources.

Girls and women have to walk very long distances to look for water and this has negatively impacted on girls’ education as a result of many risk factors they meet on the way to fetch water. Further more, women waste a lot of productive time to look for water instead of using it on activities that create income to the family. Therefore, if water shortages are addressed girls’ education will greatly improve and the same for household income and health.

– Acheng Joy Ruth, Kole District MP

Stage 1 of ASHI’s Bala water project has been implemented with the first deep borehole pump installed in Olai village. Our aim is to install another 4 borehole pumps throughout the region.

We are delighted to inform our donors and readers that the second deep water borehole pump has been installed at Angic Parish in Bala sub county of Northern Uganda in February 2016. Our aim is still to install another three borehole pumps in the remaining areas. People of Olai village and Angic Parish in Bala are very grateful to the donors and those who were involved in providing them with cool, safe and clean drinking water. There has been a tremendous health improvements to those people and they are beginning to appreciate better lives.

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